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Name:Comic Candy - Featuring the Women of Comics
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:...featuring our favorite women of comics.

Comic Candy is a place to appreciate comic art of our favorite heroines. It's also just a great place to discuss comic women!

All members are welcome to post. Do note that this is not a place to post full, sequential pages of comics or to share comics.

Posting Guidelines

All posts must contain an image.

01. Respect your fellow community members. No flaming or bashing.

02. [community profile] comiccandy is a community for members to enjoy images and art related to women of comics. There are other terrific communities featuring men of comics, that’s just not here – otherwise, then, what’s the point of the community? Images can contain comic men, but the featured woman should dominate the image.

03. If your image is an artist rendered image outside of a comic cover or comic panel, please credit the artist.

04. If the image is larger than 500px x 500px, is not safe for work, or contains spoilers, please use a cut.

05. Please do not post scans of full pages from comics. The only exception to this is if an image is a full splash page or cover. Panels from comic pages are fine.

06. Tag your posts with the name of the comic woman featured in your image. If you don't see a tag, tag it with "needs tag" and Comic Candy administrators will create the tag and tag the post for you.

07. If you wish to advertise another community here, please contact a Comic Candy administrator through PM or leave [personal profile] paxm a message at her journal inbox, otherwise your post will be deleted without comment.

08. Please flag adult content appropriately. Use warnings.

09. Host your own images. And it goes without saying, don't hotlink.

10. Comic Candy is a femslash-friendly community.

11. Out of respect for hard working comic artists, if the artist of your image requests to have the image removed from this comm, please do so immediately! There is a zero-tolerance policy for breaking this rule and offenders will be banned from the community.

12. If you are an artist and your request to have an image removed has not been responded to by the poster, please contact one of the administrators through PM or leave [personal profile] paxm a message at her journal inbox.

Want to affiliate? PM one of the administrators.

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