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Rogue: Mix

Mar. 19th, 2010 02:15 pm
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My apologies for the black-out.
Have some Rogue...

+2 )
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Hi, Jessica Drew! How's things?

Oh, you're still being hunted by the terrorist organisation that killed your mother and paid your father to genetically manipulate you into the not-really-spider themed superhero you are today? And you were kidnapped by Skrulls and replaced by their Queen who used your appearance to orchestrate an invasion that almost culminated in the downfall of modern society as we know it? And then your attempt at hunting down the remaining Skrulls on Earth led to you being incarcerated multiple times in a Madripoor police station?

Yeah, you really can't catch a break! At least you're still an Avenger! Even if you are the only woman.

Here, have some covers from Spider-Woman: Agent of SWORD )


Feb. 11th, 2010 07:09 am
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If you've been reading Guardians of the Galaxy, you'll notice the return of a fairly old character with a shiny new look - Moondragon. After a bit of an absence, Heather Douglas, AKA Moondragon, began reappearing in the Marvel world in the Annihilation miniseries. Nice to see her back!

Moondragon old and new. )
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Karolina - Runaways #3 A
Karolina - Runaways #3 B

Runaways Volume 1, Issue 3
Cover by Jo Chen
Interior by Adrian Alphona
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Lazy, I have been.

Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy

Gotham City Sirens #05, #06, #07
Guillem March

P.S. Click on the cover you want to view to go there.
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Some New Avengers Annual #3 (2009). Art by Mike Mayhew. I do like his style of realism.

More Mayhew art. Mockingbird. Spider-Woman. Ms. Marvel. Jessica Jones. )
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Global Frequency: a twelve-issue series by Warren Ellis, detailing some of the adventures of Miranda Zero and her would-wide team of interconnected, multi-disciplined Global Frequency group. Ellis deliberately styled it like a TV procedural; Miranda and her genius head of data collation Aleph are the only recurring characters, everyone else being drafted in for each "episode". A different artist draws each issue, and the names of the production team scroll down the last page like a credit roll. Definitely worth a couple of hours of your life if you can track it down.

Miranda Zero by Jon J. Muth
You're on the Global Frequency )
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Once again, my weekly update:

Tiffany from Fall Out Toy Works )

I was wondering if anyone would prefer me to put up a preview image instead of the text cut. Also, would anyone like images in a larger size or is the size in which I am posting scans all right? Feedback, please + thx.
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From Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1. Art by Nicola Scott.

3 large images - some spoiler text. )

First Class

Dec. 5th, 2009 04:30 pm
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My scanner is wonky *slaps it around with a rotten fish* so I bring only one image only today...

Jean, Black Widow, and Wanda )
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Some Rogue and Emma from UXM 517.

2 images )
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Aw, waiting for my partisan posts?

Well, I bring you some Selina Kyle this time, and I even throw in some Zatanna as a bonus! (BTW, you should take it as a given that none of my posts will ever be dial-up friendly.)

Emotion... )
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A friendly heads up: I will be editing the layout of ComicCandy over the weekend, during which time things might appear a little dodgy. Everything should work fine but things might get a bit ugly for a bit (I promise that it will only be for a tiny tiny bit.). Everything should be settled before the weekend is over.

Meanwhile... have some Wanda:

A True Hero )
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[community profile] comiccandy is happy to introduce three new administrators for the comm:

[personal profile] haunted
[personal profile] koschei
[personal profile] scarlet

Please join me in welcoming them as administrators. Be nice to them! :) They'll be helping to keep the comm a pleasant place to hang out in. Thanks!

And following the "image with every post" rule, here's Ms. Marvel vs. Ms. Marvel.

750x573px image from Ms. Marvel #42 )
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The cover from SWORD #1, a new on-going series from Marvel following the adventure of SHIELD's proactive extraterrestrial counterpart.

Full cover under the cut )
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[community profile] comiccandy is looking for one or two community mods (or Administrators as it is in DWspeak) to help out. Duties are light -- really, just some watching over the community for drama and if possible, some posting of comic images to keep the comm fresh. With a little over 100 people in this comm, there's been no drama that I've seen. Unfortunately, other RL duties won't allow me to be at this comm every day, so some help is needed.

As a very small token of my appreciation, I'd like to gift each new mod with 2 months of paid time.

All comments are screened. Although previous modding experience is not necessary, if you've been or are a mod at another community, either here at DW or over at LJ, please let me know.

To make this post legal - an image under the cut. Welcome back Selene!

Black Queen from X-Necrosha #1 )

ETA: Thanks everyone. We have our mods! Announcement will be posted soon!


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